Our 2.5-acre community garden is conveniently located across from the Carmelitos Community Center and features 60 raised garden beds for families to grow their own produce, and safe green space for community events and recreation. 

PLOTS AVAILABLE! Community groups, individuals, families, all are welcome to apply for a garden plot in The Growing Experience Community Garden. The Growing Experience provides water and compost soil. Gardeners are encouraged to bring their own tools.


Community Garden 1
Community Garden 3
Community Garden 2

To Apply: Review the Community Garden Participation Agreement and submit to The Growing Experience office to be assigned a plot and be provided with a key to the garden. Please note, gardeners that do not tend to their plot for three weeks or longer will forfeit their plot.



1.    Plant according to the seasons. 
2.    Water new seedlings once every one or two days until established; Long Beach watering restrictions do not apply to community gardens.
3.    Check the soil moisture with your finger to ensure water has not just stayed at the surface and can reach the roots of your plants. 
4.    Utilize companion planting techniques to minimize insect damage. 
5.    Add compost to your garden after each growing season. 
6.    Plant crops that can tolerate full sun.  Some sunlight loving crops include: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, beans, squash. 
7.    Plant insect repellent plants. Examples are: dill, thyme, lemongrass, lavender, basil, and chamomile. 
8.    Participate in the North Long Beach Crop Swap! 
9.    Plant cut and come-again plants. Examples include: mizuna, sorrel, arugula, red mustard greens.
10.    Talk to your fellow community gardener for tips, ideas, and friendship!